Lemons, cocoa,& a little more spice.

"Who knew life could be so sweet- with a little risk, some honey, and a dash of me" -Kisakye N.

The Story Behind Lemons & Cocoa

I believe we all need to fill ourselves with love. Whatever that may be is up to you. For me, it is various things- singing, family sitcoms, ice cream, etc. The usual. Then one day, this love of writing was added to the mix. More dreams entered my heart, so I wrote some more. I challenged myself to ride on this wave of inspiration for a month to see where it would take me. I introduce you to "Lemons, Cocoa, & a Little More Spice". It's always nerve-wracking for me to share my creativity because I believe it's as if I am sharing another door to my soul. I hope these words which have been overflowing in my head re-affirm your soul with positivity, empowerment, love, spirituality, self-forgiveness, and more. In another sense, connect you back to you. 

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"You really gave us "BOSS ENERGY"! Your editors and photographer also did a great job. Congratulations Madam President."

Paul K.

"This book is truly breathtaking and truly heart-warming to read. This is exactly what people need at this moment."

Miriam A.

Meet The Author: Chi-sa-ché Ny-guh

Kisakye A. Naiga


Hello! First, I like to say that I am glad my leap of faith has connected us in this platform. The world works in the most mysterious ways, so it's good that I love surprises. My name is Kisakye Naiga (Chi-sa-ché Ny-guh). I am a 22 y/o first-generation Ugandan-American woman who recently graduated from the University of California-Santa Barbara. Currently, I am based in NYC pursuing one of my passions in musical theatre at The Institute for American Musical Theatre. I am a dreamer, everyone's biggest fan, family sitcoms fanatic, Marvel fanatic, ice cream fanatic, and much more. Moreover, I am a firm believer that you should live your life through your passions and what makes you happy, and that money will follow before you even realize it. When doing so, you are truly LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE. It's hard at times but trust the process. Trust it. 

With love,